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IV Sedation At The Warren Smile Center in New Jersey

Patients may hesitate while deciding to undergo oral surgery because of the uncertainty and risk involved. At the Warren Smile Center, Dr. Stein uses IV sedation for many of his oral surgeries, so patients will remain comfortable and unaware of the procedure. If you need wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants, sinus lift, or frenectomy, speak to Dr. Stein about IV sedation and how its use can ease your anxiety about undergoing oral surgery.

How can IV sedation be used during my oral surgery?

Some dental procedures and oral surgeries require IV sedation. In procedures where IV sedation is utilized, patients will remain conscious and be able to respond to requests and questions Dr. Stein ask throughout the procedure. Although you are able to respond, you will likely not remember the procedure once sedation wanes. These medications cause partial or full amnesia while in use. Some people experience time pass extremely fast or in snap shots. Others remain aware, but are in such a deep state of relaxation that they are unconcerned about the procedure. Most people will not remember the procedure at all.

What is the difference between IV sedation and general anesthesia?

Although patients may feel as if they had slept through the entire procedure, patients are actually conscious during IV sedation. They will breathe independently and be able to answer any questions and follow the doctor’s instructions. Dr. Stein will be able to immediately detect any signs of outward discomfort and adjust the medicine’s dosage to ensure complete patient comfort throughout surgery. This considerably reduces the risk of surgery compared to general anesthesia. Unlike IV sedation, a breathing tube is required during general anesthesia, and patients will remain unconscious and unresponsive throughout the entire surgery. Patients may also feel discomfort before their body can physically show outward signs of needing more medication. The below chart highlights the main differences between IV sedation and general anesthesia that directly affect your surgery.

IV Sedation General Anesthesia
Can breathe independently Requires breathing tube
Will be awake but unaware during surgery Will be completely asleep during surgery
Will respond to requests and questions during surgery Communication impossible during surgery
Memory impairment or complete memory loss of surgery No memory of surgery
Able to detect discomfort and adjust level of sedation easily and quickly More difficult to detect discomfort if sedation needs to be increased
Reduced risk during surgery and faster recovery Increased risk during surgery and slower recovery

How do I learn more about IV sedation in NJ?

Susanna Kayserman, D.D.S., Mark Stein, D.D.S., M.D. and the Warren Smile Center staff welcome patients to express any questions they may have about IV sedation in New Jersey. You can contact us at our Warren, New Jersey dentist office location at 908.753.0003, or you may make an appointment online for a personal consultation with Dr. Kayserman or Dr. Stein.

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