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Laser Periodontal Treatment At The Warren Smile Center in New Jersey

Periodontal disease can be a worrisome and inconvenient diagnosis. Studies have shown that patients who develop gum disease are twice as likely to develop heart disease. This condition also puts patients at risk for other serious medical concerns, including lung disease and osteoporosis. Traditionally, periodontal surgery was the only technique available to treat advanced stages of gum disease, but with advances in laser technology, less invasive and more effective treatments can be provided. At the Warren Smile Center, Dr. Susanna Kayserman offers laser pocket reduction as a viable option for advanced stages of periodontal disease.

How can laser pocket reduction help me?

During the beginning stages of gum disease, deep scaling and root planing can effectively clean the periodontal pockets and root surfaces of bacteria, plaque, and tartar. In advanced stages, however, more invasive treatments are necessary.  Brushing and flossing will become ineffective at cleaning enlarged pockets, allowing bacteria to remain and the disease to worsen between deep scaling and root planing appointments. Once gum disease reaches this severity, scalpel surgery would traditionally be required. Now with the advent of advanced laser technology, periodontal pockets will not only be cleaned of bacteria, plaque, and tartar, but the pockets themselves will actually reduce in size. Laser pocket reduction allows your gums to reattach and heal from the damage of advanced periodontal disease without the inconvenience of scalpels, stiches, and recovery time.

Benefits of Laser Pocket Reduction
Less invasive than traditional surgery
Involves no incisions and no stitches
Little to no recovery
May return to daily activities the same day as treatment
Will stabilize tissue and prevent further bone loss

What can I expect during laser pocket reduction?

Laser pocket reduction treatments take approximately 30 minutes and can be performed using local anesthetic. Dr. Kayserman will ensure that this treatment is your best option by assessing underlying bone structures with x-rays. Once treatment is decided, the patient’s root surfaces and deep periodontal pockets are cleaned. Bacteria, tartar and plaque must first be removed. Once the teeth are clean and smooth, Dr. Kayserman will use the laser to gain access to the root. Scaling and root planing are achieved at the root without the use of scalpels or stitches. Utilizing laser technology during periodontal treatment also reduces downtime to virtually nothing.

Patients may return to their normal activities the same day after receiving laser pocket treatment. In addition to creating a no scalpel and no stitches surgery for gum disease, lasers also reduce the chance that bacteria will return by shrinking the size of periodontal pockets. Teeth that had appeared elongated as gums receded will return to their normal appearance. Assuming that patients maintain daily dental hygiene following surgery, the results from laser pocket reduction are permanent. Patients should still return to the Warren Smile Center, however, for their yearly cleanings and post-surgery appointments to ensure that the advanced buildup of plaque and tartar do not return.

How do I learn more about laser pocket reduction in NJ?

Susanna Kayserman, D.D.S., Mark Stein, D.D.S., M.D. and the Warren Smile Center staff welcome patients to express any questions they may have about laser pocket reduction in New Jersey. You can contact us at our Warren, New Jersey dentist office location at 908.753.0003, or you may make an appointment online for a personal consultation with Dr. Kayserman or Dr. Stein.

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