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Invisalign® At The Warren Smile Center in New Jersey

The positioning of our teeth affects the cosmetic appearance of our smile, the shape of our mouth, and the contours of our lips. Stereotypes are even associated with some teeth misalignments, such as buck or gapped teeth, which may affect first impressions. Although some people enjoy the individuality and character of their smile, others may simply feel self-conscious. In addition to the cosmetic disadvantages of crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth, misaligned teeth are also more difficult to clean. Food particles more easily wedge into crooked teeth. Gums left unprotect by gapped teeth may be sensitive to brushing. If you have considered braces to improve either the cosmetic appearance or health of your teeth but have held off on treatment due to the cosmetic and hygienic disadvantages that braces pose, you may want to consider Invisalign® at the Warren Smile Center.

What is Invisalign®?

Dr. Susanna Kayserman provides Invisalign® at the Warren Smile Center for patients seeking the benefits of a straighter smile without the disadvantages of braces. Invisalign® involves a series of 18 to 30 clear, removable aligners. Your set of aligners are individually crafted using digital technology, so as the months pass and you go through the Invisalign® series, your teeth slowly shift into perfect alignment. Patients can achieve a new, beautiful smile in about 9 to 15 months, depending on the number of aligners needed and the patient’s own compliance to consistently wear those aligners. A final retainer is often recommended to maintain the flawless results once treatment is complete.

What are the benefits of Invisalign® compared to traditional braces?

Invisalign® provides the same, gorgeous results as traditional braces without any of the cosmetic or hygienic inconveniences. Traditional braces are permanently affixed to the outside of each tooth until treatment is complete. This poses several inconveniences, including a restricted diet and special brushes and tools to allow for brushing and flossing. Food easily becomes trapped between brackets and under wires, and many foods, including corn on the cob, chips, apples, ice, bagels, gum, and hard and chewy candies, should be avoided. Braces can also be uncomfortable and irritate gums. Invisalign®, on the other hand, allows you to eat any food you want. The aligners are removable, so you may eat, clean your teeth, and simply click the aligner back in place when finished. No special cleaning tools or techniques are necessary to care for your teeth. The aligners are more comfortable and more natural looking than traditional braces as well. No one will even notice you are wearing Invisalign® until the end of treatment when they notice your gorgeous, flawless smile.

Traditional Braces Invisalign®
Brackets and wires are permanent Aligners are removable
May irritate gums and lips Clear aligners are comfortable and natural-looking
Requires a restricted diet A diet of your choosing
Needs more thorough cleaning May brush and floss normally

How do I learn more about Invisalign® in NJ?

Susanna Kayserman, D.D.S., Mark Stein, D.D.S., M.D. and the Warren Smile Center staff welcome patients to express any questions they may have about Invisalign® in New Jersey. You can contact us at our Warren, New Jersey dentist office location at 908.753.0003, or you may make an appointment online for a personal consultation with Dr. Kayserman or Dr. Stein.

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